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Connie Hansen Conservancy accepted to the Oregon Cultural Trust Program


We are delighted to be accepted as one of the charitable organizations qualified to participate in the Oregon Cultural Trust program. This means that if you make a contribution to CHG, you may also make a matching contribution to the Oregon Cultural Trust and deduct the amount you donated to the Oregon Cultural Trust as a tax credit.


        About the Cultural Trust


The Oregon Cultural Trust's mission is to lead Oregon in cultivating,

growing and valuing culture as an integral part of communities. We do

this by inspiring Oregonians to invest in a permanent fund that provides

annual grants to cultural organizations.


For 13 years, the Cultural Trust has played a vital role in building Oregon

communities. Simultaneously, the Trust is building a permanent fund, now

just over $25 million, so that future generations can experience the Oregon

culture we enjoy today.


Through grant programs and encouraging philanthropy, the Cultural Trust helps fuel our economy, supporting cultural nonprofits that inspire our children, preserve our cultural treasures and foster Oregon's reputation as an incubator for new ideas.  The Cultural Trust provides extensive support to rural areas and hard-to-reach places with the help of more than 400 cultural coalitionvolunteers. 


Anyone can be part of this vision by supporting any of 1,400 eligible cultural nonprofits, matching those gifts with a gift to the Trust, and taking Oregon’s generous and unique state cultural tax credit (up to $500 per individual, $1,000 per household and $2,500 per Class-C corporation).


Visit the Oregon Cultural Trust website for more details, click here for link....



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