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Concerning the restoration and future direction of the

Connie Hansen Garden.

The Connie Hansen Garden is facing an uncertain future of unprecedented challenge and very substantial change. 


Now more than ever, we are asking for your support as we work with the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture to meet their requirements to contain and ultimately eradicate the pathogen (Phytophthora ramorum) that has infected our beautiful garden and some of its most venerable and treasured plantings. 


The work required to restore the Garden will take many months, most probably years, of skilled and volunteer labor and require a dedicated workforce and a huge investment of time and money. 


As an all-volunteer organization of mostly retired people, our resources are limited and dependent upon the public to keep the operation solvent.



PLEASE HELP RESTORE THE GARDEN with your contribution of time or moneyClick here for more information on how you can contribute to the CHG.

For more information about how the pathogen is affecting the CHG, here is a link to an excellent article by Lori Tobias for the OregonLive website.

Here is a link to an excellent YouTube tour of the garden explaining about the problem.


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