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Connie Hansen was an avid collector of rhododendrons of all shapes and sizes, both species and hybrids. There are hundreds of rhodies in the garden, ranging from the tiniest varieties with appropriately dainty leaves to tree-like growers such as Cynthia, Sir Charles Lemon and Dame Nellie Melba, which are covered in a multitude of blooms.


April and May are the months of heaviest bloom, but the earliest bloomer, Christmas Cheer, shows its color before the holiday for which it is named, and one is likely to find some rhodies still in flower well into July.


Lincoln City's cool damp climate is ideal for growing rhodies, and Connie complimented them with many azaleas and perennials, flowering trees and smaller companions such as bulbs and ground covers. The tidy grass walkways that meander among the garden beds further accent the rich colors that characterize rhododendrons, and the dappled shade cast by mature trees makes the colors glow.


Plan your visit with time to spend walking the many intersecting paths through this lovely garden that covers over an acre. The extensive collection of rhododendrons is just one of many features to be enjoyed in the spring.


Connie also collected many varieties of both primula and iris species. The Garden includes members of these plant families that are rarely seen in such profusion in home gardens. Spring and early summer is the best time to view these plants, although there are occasional blooms at other times.


Small trees, perennials and a wide variety of blooming shrubs round out the seasons with something of interest to catch your eye whenever you visit. Literally hundreds of different plants await you.

When In Bloom

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