The Grateful Garden


Gratefulness is a part of our everyday lives here at the Connie Hansen Garden Conservancy. When we gather together each week to tend the wealth of rhododendrons that Connie so lovingly gathered and nurtured, we are blessed with the legacy of beauty she left to us. In addition to the rhodies, Connie gave us shrubs and flowers, meandering paths of peace and beauty, and a charming home to call our own.

Connie’s legacy grows each year, just as her garden does, in the contributions the garden gives to our community and our visitors, as well as, the fellowship of gardeners who care for this paradise. Ask any volunteer at the garden and they will tell you about a friend they met while they were volunteering. Ask any visitor, and their face will alight with the joy of being in such a beautiful natural habitat. And while you’re thinking about it, ask one of the plants!

Sometimes, while I stroll along, I hear whispers carried in the wind from the trees to the flowers. The next moment, I’ll stop to listen to the music playing in the stream as the water burbles and tinkles over the stones and roots. I know the garden is singing its own grateful song to the stewards of the Connie Hansen Garden Conservancy.

And I know that Connie is also with us in spirit, giving thanks to the many dedicated volunteers who so respectfully and lovingly tend the garden and continue Connie’s legacy. Passionate gardeners, financial experts, media specialists, community leaders, hospitality angels, artists, business professionals, photographers, writers, teachers, students, and lovers of nature all gather together to bring beauty into our lives. The Garden thanks you every day and treasures your gifts.

Happy Gardening and

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lorraine Goris

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