Meet Pat Sears, Founding Member and Volunteer


For over 20 years Pat has contributed to the legacy of the Connie Hansen Garden Conservancy as a Founding Member, Head Perennial Gardener, Board Member, and volunteer. Her expertise about the garden’s history and horticulture are an invaluable resource and her presence and smile grace the paths on Tuesday mornings as she works with the garden’s volunteers.

Pat has loved flowers and gardening as long as she can remember and at the age of 5 her father fenced her very own garden plot. She continued to garden wherever she lived and for the past 60 years has developed her ocean property near Tierra del Mar. Iris and perennials are her favorites but she

also grows a variety of shrubs and trees and is proud of her small and productive vegetable garden.

She first met Connie Hansen at Connie’s annual Spring Plant Sale, a tradition that continues to this day. After Connie’s passing, Pat was one of the early supporters of the newly formed conservancy, working to reclaim the garden from weeds, morning glory and native blackberries that had invaded the property. She also worked to relocate the Japanese iris bed so that a parking lot could be installed.

During that time Pat was also active with Esther Milne Living Memorial, hosting an annual Garden Tea in her coastal garden to raise funds for women seeking to accomplish meaningful goals. Her tireless efforts to benefit her community through the romance of gardening touch our lives each day.

Pat would like to encourage you to volunteer and support the Connie Hansen Garden Conservancy. Whatever your talents or interest, your help is needed to keep the legacy of Connie’s garden growing and you, in turn, will find it a rewarding experience.

Happy Gardening!

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