Growing Roses on the Coast

Fall is the time of year when gardeners reflect on which plants thrived and which ones struggled in their spring and summer gardens. We all have those plants that just didn't do as well as we had hoped and some of our readers have expressed frustration about how their roses performed this year. We thought we'd offer a few tips for growing roses on the coast in this week's post.

Start by choosing a location for your roses in full sun, sheltered from the coastal winds.

  • Fertilize regularly during the growing season. Coastal soil is short on nutrients and roses need a nutrient-dense habitat. Roses also thrive with a little seasoning in their diet. Try adding lime and Epsom salts along with their fertilizer.

  • Water deeply and regularly, at least weekly, and early enough in the day that the foliage will quickly dry.

  • Select appropriate varieties, including those with multiple small blooms or few petals. Rugosa roses, pictured here, are particularly tolerant of coastal conditions.

  • When pruning, keep the bush open so that air circulates through the foliage and all of the leaves feel the warmth of the sun.

As Spring approaches, keep on eye on this blog for seasonal rose care tips, and don't forget to Like us on Facebook! Happy Gardening!

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