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State and Federal Assistance

1/24/23 CHG meets with State and Federal reps

Here is a brief outline of yesterday's meeting with Kaitlin Gerber, ODA rep., and Anna Bashkirova, USDA rep., regarding their plans for funding and mitigation assistance for CHG and the Scotton property, and some other smaller residential areas in the vicinity where P. ramorum has been identified. 


Present at the meeting were myself, Kathie Arehart, Tom Gory, Brenda and Stan Scotton and Steve Merkle.

ODA and the Oregon Dept. of Forestry are filing a joint application for a federal grant to fund ongoing mitigation of the P. ramorum outbreak.  In some way, this sidesteps the issue of no coverage for residential properties. 


In addition, the 50% matching funds requirement has been reduced to 20%.  This will be covered by applying the salaries of 4 employees, Kaitlin, Anna and two colleagues, working on site in a supervisory capacity thoughout the duration of the mitigation process.  They feel confident that this will be successful--as Kaitlin said, "the money is there for this".

Next steps are marking all the plants for removal and getting bids from local arborists. 


That is happening beginning today and probably tomorrow as they already have a couple of companies lined up.   


Plans for disposal are to use a 40 yard dumpster that will be hauled off by Republic Services out of Salem who has state approved composting services.  That would be Plan A.  Plan B would be incineration, and there was mention of a facility called Covanta in Marion County/ 

Root removal is not an option and would not be funded.  They asked about chemical treatment of the stumps to prevent regrowth.  Unenthusiastic response.  Stump grinding is an option.

Following destruction is application of trichoderma atroviride and mulching.  Cedar is the preferred mulch if available, which after some discussion, it appears to be.


Replanting: also part of the plan!  Kaitlin pointed out that she can't be involved in ordering plants but suggested that Monrovia was probably our best option.   I am guessing that there will be an arbitrary figure selected for the grant application.  This was not discussed in depth as it was towards the end of the meeting.


Other issues:  there are inconclusive results from a few of the neighborhood test which should be finalized within a couple of weeks but won't change anything.  Our water tests in the creek returned both negative and positive results so there will probably be one more collection trap set. 


It is probable that ODA will monitor and potentially require further testing for up to 2 years.  ODA outreach includes the extension service which will be offering community and professional education on the subject.  Kathie A. is making a list of all expenditures incurred so far for potential reimbursement through the grant.

Priscilla Patterson, Head Gardener

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