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Changes at the CHG

Changes In The Garden


It seems in so many ways that this is an era of unrest and upheaval, and that all about us we see constant change. It has permeated our daily lives for the last few years and continues to do so. Change is frequently chaotic, usually controversial, and always challenging. Here in Connie's garden, the changes that have been thrust upon us are all of that, and we have choices to make in how we cope with this particular challenge. Unfortunately, we do stand to lose some rather venerable mature rhododendrons that have been infected by the pathogen Phytophthora ramorum and will need to be removed to avoid infecting others. However, we can choose to see the more open and sun-filled garden as a creative opportunity to replant with a variety of trees, shrubs and flowers that are new and exciting to us.


As a sensible and practical gardener who always looked to the land and the soil for guidance, Connie would, we know, be in complete agreement. So we have accepted the inevitable and are doing our best to move on and look ahead at the possibilities. Volunteering under these circumstances isn't the easiest task, but we have the most amazing group of individuals who have stepped up and pulled together to accomplish some fairly miserable and tedious tasks, and some incredibly hard work as well.


We are required to limit access to areas that are most susceptible to infection, so it is important that the portions of the Garden still open to the public be as scrupulously cleaned and well maintained as possible. Visitors may notice that we have widened and applied fresh gravel to all unpaved open trails and begun to define the edges with rocks for a fresh and more easily maintained appearance. Going forward, we are considering the greater use of more durable materials to complement the plantings, the possible addition of more permanent features, and extending the paved pathways. In the near future, plans are to frame the upper terrace of the East Garden with a 2nd rock wall, creating a more finished look. As the Garden we know undergoes some fairly significant changes, we are going to make sure it stays a valuable community asset to the best of our ability and one we can all be proud of.


~~Priscilla Patterson, Head Gardener

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