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Hinoki Cypress
Chamaecyparis obtusa

A confierous evergreen tree from southern Japan.

Located in Bed #1 - just off the sw corner of the front portch

About our Hinoki Cypress

There are many cultivars of this fine, easily grown species of Chamaecyparis.  It is from southern Japan, broadly conical in form, with dark green, scaly, fanshaped leaves and dark reddish bark. Although we have not determined which ours may be, it is relatively slow growing and may be a dwarf variety.  Careful thinning and tip pruning annually now keep our tree in perfect shape.


Why significant to us

It seems that Connie was so enamored of what must at the time have been a fairly recent acquisition, that when she made the move to Oregon from her home in Walnut Creek California, she had the young tree dug, potted up and brought, with no small effort, to her new garden.  She planted it close to the house so she could monitor its progress daily.

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